Recipe For a Successful Gluten Free Lifestyle

     In the day and times that we live in now, everyone needs to take care of their health. Especially anyone with an autoimmune disease. And the way we do that is by eating a totally gluten free diet.

     If you’re new to gluten free, and you were not given the tools to start that Gluten Free life style, here are a few of my tips. Obviously nothing with Wheat, Rye, or Barley, or the hybridized gluten plants such as triticale, spelt, kamut, farro, bulgar, and semolina.  

     Don’t get discouraged though, there are so many other foods that are naturally gluten free! To start out stick with whole foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and non processed meats. Your grocery bill with go down as well. When you stop buying prepackaged, processed foods, you will find that you are spending a lot less at the grocery store.

     Learning to cook gluten free, is so easy! Just use pure natural gluten free ingredients. Start out with basic ingredients.  For example, potatoes, green beans, or broccoli, and a meat. Pork chops, chicken, fish or steak. Easy Peasy!

     Be aware of seasonings. Read Labels!!! To start out, just regular salt and pepper are your best friends. Make sure to use a name brands that states on the label pure salt or pure pepper. I’ve found that a lot of the discount brands are made in facilities that run other gluten containing products on shared lines. Which will contaminate the seasoning. Some spices will state that they are gluten free.

     Always, Always, wash ingredients, even whole potatoes. Because if they were packed in containers to ship that previously had gluten products or were packed in wheat straw to ship, then they will have gluten on the outside and as you peel them you will transfer the gluten to your vegetable dish. Also wash fresh fruits very well, for exactly the same reason. I even wash my bananas before I peel them.

     These are just a few of my Gluten Free tips. Hope this helps!

Stay healthy!

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