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Bread Bowl Pan or Cookie Bowl


Bread Bowl Pan

I had some one ask me what kind of pan I used to make the bread bowls, so I told them I would post it. This one is a Cooks Choice Better Baker brand. I got this one a few years ago at Bass Pro, but I checked and Better Baker does have an online store. Also Wilton has one very similar to this called a Cookie Bowl pan. I checked online for this one too and you can order both of them from Amazon.

I know  there are other ways to make bread bowls, a lot of them are featured on Pinterest, but these pans do make life a lot easier, and a lot less mess!

Hope this helps!


Christmas Stocking Stuffers

on December 9, 2014

IMG_1527Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Cook

Anyone looking for some small gifts for the cook? I know you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with Gluten Free cooking? These bright colored gems are great, not only are they helpful cleaning out jars, bottles and beaters. The spatulas are all one piece! Which is the exact reason I buy them, there are no crevices or seems for germs to hide. When working with Gluten Free food or allergy free food, it is important to use one piece tools as much as possible. Also keeping those tools only for Gluten Free food is very important. You should never use the same kitchen tools for foods containing Gluten and Gluten Free foods. Believe me I’ve seen first hand how dangerous cross contamination can be! So please keep your Holidays healthy and happy!

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If you’re like me, I love kitchen tools, or utensils. I like to just browse the kitchen ware and see what they have that’s new. One of my favorites, and I’m sure if you have read the recipes I’ve put on here so far you’ll know this, it’s the triggered ice cream scoop. It comes in different sizes, but the one I use most holds about ¼ cup. It is just the right size to fill cupcake and muffin cups with batter. It makes for more even and uniform muffins and cupcakes. You might want to give it a try, it makes baking cupcakes go a lot faster!

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