G F Candy


Cream Cheese Christmas Candy

1- 8 oz. Package Original Philadelphia Cream Cheese

7 Cups Additive Free Pure Powdered Sugar

1 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla

In food processor or large dough mixer, place chunks of cream cheese. ( it mixes better if you spread it out around the bowl.) Add vanilla and powdered sugar. Mix slowly or pulse the blender. When mixed it will be a very stiff dough. Pour dough onto waxed paper that you have dusted with more powdered sugar. Cover dough with even more powdered sugar and roll into ball. Place in airtight container or bag and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, or until dough is cold.  You can refrigerate for several days, if you want, just don’t let it dry out.

When ready to make candy, remove cream cheese dough from fridge and divide into four equal amounts.


Fruited Candy

If you want to flavor your candy with fruit, mix ¼ of dough with ¼ cup of crushed dried fruit, any flavor, dried cranberries, dried strawberries, etc. ( Just make sure it is real additive free fruit) If the fruit is large chunks make sure you run it through the processor to cut it up into smaller pieces. When fruit is ready pour dough onto another sheet of powdered sugar dusted waxed paper and hand mix with fruit. Folding fruit into dough until well blended. If you want to mold fruit into Christmas molds, take a portion of fruit mixed dough and place into a small bowl of granulated sugar, pressing dough well into sugar. Then press the small amount of sugar coated dough into mold. Repeat this process until all of the molds are filled. Place in freezer until cold. When set turn molds over and pop out candy.

Chocolate coated Cream Cheese Candy

Melt 2 bricks of Chocolate GF almond bark with 1 Cup GF semisweet chocolate chips. About 3 minutes in microwave.

Coat Christmas molds with melted chocolate and place in freezer until set. About 5 – Minutes. Then pinch off enough of the cream cheese dough to cover the center of the chocolate covered mold, pushing dough down until it is even with the top of mold. Then completely cover the cream cheese with melted chocolate and place in freezer again until candy is set and ready to unmold.

Or you may want to roll cream cheese dough into balls and dip into melted chocolate. You still must place dipped balls into freezer until candy set.

Sugar Frosted Cream Cheese Candy

Leaving the dough plain with no fruit, is another variation to this candy recipe. Just remove enough dough for each mold, and dip it into granulated sugar and press into molds. Make sure dough is covered on both sides with sugar. Place in freezer until set, then unmold candy onto serving plates,

Use your imagination there are a number of different flavors you can mix with this dough. Just make sure you read the ingredients that you add, and make sure it is all Gluten Free and Additive free. Enjoy!!

Gluten Free Christmas Candy

Dec. 14

White Chocolate Pecan Clusters


White Chocolate Pecan Clusters

1 Stick butter

6 Cups Pecan Halves

1 ½  Teaspoons Additive Free Seasoning Salt

1 – 20 oz. package Gluten Free White Chocolate Almond Bark

Preheat oven to 400*F

In large glass mixing bowl melt butter in microwave. (about 35- 40 seconds)

Pour pecans into melted butter and coat pecans completely. Pour coated pecans into a large sheet cake pan or 2 – 9×13 inch baking pans, sprinkle seasoning salt evenly over pecans. Roast pecans in oven for 10 – 15 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes. Do not overly brown, and do not put under broiler. Pecans are easy to scorch. When done remove from oven and pour pecans over paper towels spreading evenly to cool for about 15 minutes.

Melt white chocolate in large mixing bowl. When pecans are cool, put all pecans into melted chocolate and coat pecans completely. Using a serving spoon, dip white chocolate and pecans onto foil lined cookie sheet into little mounds. When cookie sheet is full, place them in freezer for about 5 minutes to cool faster.IMG_1575 When chocolate and pecans are set serve or place in candy bags as gifts!

Gluten Free Halloween Candy



Gluten Free White Chocolate Ghosts


2 Packed Cups GF Peanut Butter ( Most peanut butter is GF but check the label. I used Peter Pan Crunchy)

3 Cups Additive Free Powdered Sugar

1 Stick Melted Butter ( salted or unsalted doesn’t matter)

In food processer mix all ingredients. TIP: If you add melted butter last, it helps to keep the powdered sugar from poofing up on the lid of the processor. (Yes I know poofing is not a word, but that’s what it does!) Keep processing and scraping down the sides until all is mixed, and there is no powdered sugar lumps. Refrigerate until cold, about 30- 40 minutes.

Roll peanut butter mixture into balls about the size of walnuts, and dip into melted chocolate one at a time. Lifting each little ghost out of the chocolate with a spoon or small spatula, place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. They don’t have to be perfect, when the chocolate starts to run it will look like a ghost. Depending on how big you make them, it will make about 4 -4 1/2  dozen.

White Chocolate:

2 – 20 oz. Packages Gluten Free Vanilla Almond Bark ( I used Best Choice)

Melting only half the package at a time in a small glass bowl for about 2 minutes, or until smooth when stirred. When the almond bark starts to get thick add more bricks to the bowl and microwave for about 2 minutes. Make sure not to get any water in the almond bark, it will make it gritty.

Ghost Eyes:

5 to 6 frozen strawberries, or blueberries, puréed in food processor. You can thicken the fruit with powdered sugar it you want. I didn’t because I like the red eyes. The powdered sugar mixed with the strawberries will give them pink eyes.

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