Gluten Free Flour and Flour Mixes


Bob'sredmillflrWell it looks like we have another G-Free Flour on the market. In July, Bob’s Red Mill came out with a new one. It does have xanthan gum in it. I don’t know all of the ingredients. But they are advertising it to exchange with wheat flour cup for cup in all recipes. I do have my doubts, but we will see.  I have not found it in our area yet, but I do have it ordered. If any of you find it in the stores, please let me know!


Pillsbuy Gluten Free Flour: Continued


I think I may have it figured out! I mixed the Pillsbury GF Flour and the Betty Crocker GF half and half. Then used an old recipe that called for the same amount of liquid as flour, in fact 1/4 cup more. (I will post the recipe this week) Then mixed the liquids and flour and let it set for 5 hours so the flour could absorb all the liquids. That way it’s not so gritty. It also has to bake longer than the original recipe, but it didn’t rise well. This flour is just going to have to be used in recipes with a lot of liquids.


Ok, I tried the Pillsbury Flour. Umm… not a fan yet. As you can see by the photo above, it just did not hold the rise. I used my favorite recipe, but just as I’ve said before it is a different formulation, so it will take some work to get the right balance of oils, fats, and liquids to get a good loaf of bread. Pillsbury also uses Pea fiber, which might react more like Bob’s Red Mill flour. I’ll just have to work on it!


Pillsbury GF Flour

My daughter-n-law found the new Gluten Free Pillsbury Flour!! Can’t wait to try it. Getting ready to do a little baking.  I’ll let you know how it works!!

Gluten Free Flours

Gluten Free Flours GF FLOURSI just wanted to share with you a little about GF Flours that I’ve learned over the years. While the base of most GF baking Flours is rice,  there are so many different blends of flours, some use corn starch, or potato starch, or tapioca starch, almond flour, sorghum flour, bean flour, etc.  (none of them are the same) and they do not react the same to the other ingredients in a recipe. That is why so many Gluten Free recipes fail. When you figure out the positive chemical reaction for each GF flour. Then you will have a successful recipe! That’s why I name each Brand of flour I use in all my recipes. If you don’t use the brand called for in that recipe you won’t get the same result that the original baker did and it is very disappointing! Believe me I have had many failures until I finally figured this out. I do not work for nor do I have any endorsements from any of these companies! I wanted that understood before I continue. As you can see from the picture above I work with a lot of GF flours for different types of  baking.  My favorite flours, by far, for everyday baking and coating is the Tom Sawyer GF and the Betty Crocker GF Rice flour blend. I like to mix these half and half. I like the texture and the fact that Tom Sawyer adds the xanthan gum and I don’t have to. I have forgotten to do that before and it is not a pretty site!! You may choose a different flour for your favorites, it just takes some adjustments in the recipes to make them work. There are also new flours coming out all of the time. I have heard that Pillsbury has come out with a GF Flour, but I have not found it yet in our area. Let me know what your favorites are. I would enjoy hearing from you!
Another GF Flour favorite! Since I first posted this someone introduced me to another flour that works well for baking, Better Batter Gluten Free Flour. It is not in stores in our area, so I have to order it online as well. You can find it at,

More Gluten Free Flour


I had a conversation with a lady yesterday, that is still having trouble finding the right Gluten Free flours to work with. So I thought I would add some more info. about the flours I use. My favorite  G F flours and the ones that react and taste more like the wheat flour that we all grew up with, are the Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour and Betty Crocker Rice Flour blend mixed.  Below is the recipe I use to mix these 2 flours, and where to find them.

Tom Sawyer and GF Betty Crocker Flour Mix

The combination of these 2 flours is the closest I have found to the taste and texture of regular white wheat flour. And since this mixture works the best for these recipes I like to keep this mixed, it saves a lot of time.

2 – 16 oz. boxes of Betty Crocker all-purpose GF rice flour blend (each box measures out to a scant 3 Cups)

6 Cups Tom Sawyer GF Flour

In a large mixing bowl slowly pour each kind of flour in, and slowly stir with a wire whisk. ( You don’t want the flour to poof out, it is wasteful and it will throw off the measurement). Mix thoroughly, it is very important!

The reason I do this amount, is because it fills up my large Tupperware container, and this will last awhile. If you also have wheat flour in the house, PLEASE LABEL your containers!!!

NOTE: I realize some people may not be able to get the Tom Sawyer Flour, it is not available in all stores. ( We have to order this over the internet, I have provided a phone number and link below.)

Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour. Com

Phone 877-372-8800


You can find Betty Crocker Gluten Free Rice Flour blend at Wal-Mart, Homeland, Reesers, & other markets. Please be aware that this is not a Betty Crocker cake flour mix or Betty Crocker Bisquick, be sure and just read the boxes. Also please note, if you use the Betty Crocker rice flour alone, you must add xanthan gum to the recipe.

I hope this helps!


Bob’s Red Mill New Gluten Free Flour

on October 24, 2014

IMG_1436  I received my order of Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Gluten Free Flour. So far I’ve made just one loaf of bread, using my favorite brown bread recipe. The Bob’s Red Mill, loaf is on the right. The one on the left, I made with Tom Sawyer GF and Betty Crocker GF Flours mixed 1/2 and 1/2 as I usually do. Both were made with the same amount of flour, and leavening. The same process, everything. The texture is fine, it’s not crumbling, but it did not rise, and it does have that dreaded hole in the center, it’s just lacking something. It did not exchange 1 to 1 in this recipe. I will keep working on it, and when I get it down I’ll post the winning recipe!

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