Types of Gluten Free Flour and Nutritional Values

GFLourNutritionGluten Free Flours and Nutrition         I’ve had several questions lately about the nutritional values of Gluten Free flours. So here are few of the ones I’ve used. Please take note that not all of the serving sizes are the same from one type to another. So it can be misleading.

Rice flour blends are usually a blend of Rice, Potato starch, and Tapioca. Some of the Rice flours, such as Pillsbury add Pea fiber, and unflavored gelatin, or pectin. None of the blends are in the same amounts. That is why they do not bake up the same.

Bean Flour blends usually have a blend of Garbanzo beans and Fava beans with other starches added, such as potato or tapioca. Or they may also add Sorghum flour.

The Coconut and Almond flours are usually not blends. I add those flours to cut down on the carbs. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

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