Gluten Free Real Food

Hello, my name is Janet Monk. If you want or need to learn how to cook Gluten Free, with REAL FOOD. Then you have come to the right place.

Ok I don’t want to get preachy. I just want everyone to be healthy and be able to enjoy food again. It’s not that hard to live a life of eating REAL FOOD!

With our food supply being bombarded with preservatives, chemicals, and fillers, it’s no wonder there is so much illness. So many children and grandchildren don’t know what real food taste like. All they know is boxed foods with so many preservatives and artificial flavors, that they don’t know the wonderful flavor of a real strawberry or peach. You can’t get full if you don’t have real food to fill you up, a yoga mat just won’t do it.

That’s what my Gluten Free Cook book, and this blog is all about. Real food! For some members of my family, that have Celiac Disease, it is to the point of life threatening if they do not eat Gluten Free Real Food. To others that don’t want the damage to your body, that preservatives and chemicals can cause, you will be interested to learn the tips and tricks that we have found make for delicious meals!

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