First Post

This is my very first post, so please pardon my mistakes.

In 2005 my mother was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and she had both genetic markers. So that meant that either my sister or I both had it also, along with other family members. It also explained a lot of the health problems we have had over the years.

So we started learning how to cook Gluten Free. It was a pain at first, way back then, there wasn’t much to choose from. The recipes called for 4 or 5 different kind of flours and were extremely expensive, besides being difficult to follow. The flour was very gritty and just didn’t taste very good. Then a friend of mine, that had just been diagnosed right before my  Mom, found a finer grind of flour called Tom Sawyer Gluten Free flour. That was a big help. Then other flours started showing up on the market , and started to make life a little easier. Anyway long story, short. I started to get the hang of it and figure out how to work with Gluten Free flours. This year after a lot of encouragement from friends and family I decided to write a Gluten Free Cook Book.  So hopefully what I have learned I can pass on to others. There are so many tricks and technics that greatly improve the texture and taste, of Gluten Free…. you would have a hard time telling it apart from regular wheat flour foods.  I am so looking forward to, sharing some recipes and tips with everyone that has to eat Gluten Free, and  hearing from you!

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