blessed16 (1)

As this year comes to a close and we are going into a New Year, I would like to thank all of my Friends and Family, including my online Friends. When I started the cook book I had no idea what a HUGE project it would turn into. I already had a very busy life, but this book was something I felt so strongly, that I had to do.  And I could not have finished it and started the process of marketing it without all of you that helped me along the way.  I love you all and will forever be grateful and thankful for your help!!!

In 2016, I will continue adding recipes to this site and my Face Book recipe page. Living Gluten Free is not a fad diet for so many of us. It is a way of life that we have to maintain in order to live a healthy life. And I will keep searching for more info and developing recipes that will help others live a Gluten Free life! Again THANK YOU  All!!!

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