Plants and Seeds


Plants and Seeds! Oh, the recipe possibilities!

I know it’s still winter here, and our weather channel just said we could possibly get six inches of snow, but the garlic I planted last fall (above picture on the left), is peaking through, and some of my seeds arrived this weekend! I’m so excited! The recipe possibilities are endless! This is so much fun! I know it seems a little ridiculous for a grown woman to get so excited about plants and seeds, as you can tell it doesn’t take much to make me happy! That’s probably one of the reasons we live on the farm. I love to garden, digging in the dirt is a great stress reliever, then watching the seeds come up and break through the soil is so satisfying!  Harvesting what you planted and preserving, freezing or cooking it for you family is just so fulfilling. So be prepared, for more recipes to come!



2 thoughts on “Plants and Seeds

  1. We live in California, and it has been warm here, so I just bought couple more fruit trees and planted some vegetable too. During the winter I have kale, cabbage, carrot and snap peas in my little garden. There is nothing better than to cook with what you harvest from your garden.

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    • I’m sure you enjoy having fresh veggies year round! We need to plant more fruit trees also, some of ours are getting very old, and the ice storm we had a few years ago did some damage. I’m going to start some kale seed indoors also. I’ve got to have my kale! Only a fellow gardener knows why I’m excited! Enjoy your warm weather, LOL, and think of us here in Oklahoma, we did get 4 inches of snow!

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