2017 Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition award2017

Bloggers Recognition Award

I am so excited to announce that I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! This is my first nomination and I am so honored!! This award was given to me by other Bloggers in recognition of the hard work and time it takes to put together content that people want and enjoy reading. And in my case using my recipes.

Cindy Seaton, at Beauty From Ashes Blog was the person that nominated me for the award, and I truly want to thank her! Cindy’s Blog is about the journey her family is on with their son Kyle, who had a number of health problems along with autism and her tremendous faith in God. During this journey Cindy became an author and blogger. Go over and visit Cindy at https://cindyseaton.com .

The Story of my Blog:

Several years ago my mother was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and she had both genetic markers. So that meant that either my sister or I both would have it also, along with other family members. It also explained a lot of the health problems we have had over the years. So we started learning how to cook Gluten Free. It was a pain at first, way back then, there wasn’t much to choose from. The Gluten Free recipes that I could find called for 4 or 5 different kind of flours and were extremely expensive, besides being difficult to follow. The flour was very gritty and just didn’t taste very good. Then a friend of mine, which had just been diagnosed right before my Mom, found a finer grind of Gluten Free flour. That was a big help. Then other flours started showing up on the market, and started to make life a little easier. Anyway long story, short. I started to get the hang of it and figure out how to cook Gluten Free, and my family and friends really enjoyed it! So with a lot of encouragement from friends and family I decided to write a Gluten Free Cook Book and start this Blog. So hopefully what I have learned I can pass on to others.

For anyone starting a blog, don’t give up! At first it is kind of hard coming up with content, but if your heart is in it just keep after it. Do a lot of research on your subject and add your own experiences and just write. It doesn’t matter how many likes or comments you get, if you are passionate about your subject just don’t give up!

Below are the Bloggers that I am nominating for the Bloggers Recognition Award. Click over and visit their site! Also find the rules at the bottom of this post to nominate someone else for this award.

 Alicia at https://yourhealthyhomebody.com/

 Daleen at Sunday’s Child (trying to be full of grace). 

 Rebecca  Boowholefoods

  Audrey,   Lady Melady: My Castle, My Food

Jenn https://glutenfreeguru.wordpress.com/about/

Britt  thefunctionalmama.wordpress.com

 Christina You Read It Here First

 Donna The Curious Mummy

 Yanic A.  Family, Faith, Food and

Aneequah    Family, Faith and Ghaith

 Anne and Ernie   Homesteading101

Rules for accepting this award

·         Thank the nominating blogger

·         Write a post about the award

·         Share a story of how and why you started your blog

·         Offer at least two pieces of advice for new bloggers

·         Pass on the nomination to another 10-15 bloggers

Respond to the nominating blogger with a link to this post on their blog



6 thoughts on “2017 Blogger Recognition Award

  1. congratulations, just been checking my e-mails after we got home from vacation. I know you’ve put a lot of thought and work into your blog. You deserve this award. Kay


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