Gluten Free Ham and Cheese Yeast Biscuits


GF Ham and Cheese Yeast Biscuits

3/8   Cup White Granulated Sugar

¼ Cup Scalded Milk (in the microwave about 45 seconds)

¼ Cup Cold tap water

2 Teaspoons Dry Active Yeast

In medium glass mixing bowl, add sugar, scalded milk, & water. Stir to dissolve sugar. Temperature should not be over 110 degrees. (It will kill the yeast) Add yeast and mix with plastic whisk. Set aside and let it foam and rise for about 30 minutes. I like to set it near the stove to keep it warm.

½ Cup Pure Egg Whites

¼ Cup Oil (any oil that you can tolerate)

1 ¾ Cups Betty Crocker/Tom Sawyer GF Flour Mix ( ½ & ½ )

¼ Teaspoon Salt

¼ Teaspoon Baking Soda

1 ½ Teaspoons GF Baking Powder

¾ Cup GF Ham Chopped ( Fricks GF or Farmland GF )

½ Cup GF Chunked Sharp Cheddar Cheese (about ¼ inch square chunks)

Preheat oven to 325*      (Tip when you add the ham, there is usually about a tablespoon of juice in the package, go ahead and pour it in, remember the tip on fats & oils) 

In food processor or mixer, blend all ingredients with yeast sugar mixture, except ham and cheese. When dough is smooth, (remember don’t over work the dough) remove beaters or blades and fold in chopped ham and cheese. Grease a non-stick regular muffin pan (not the large muffins). Or you can just use the cupcake liners. Fill each muffin cup with ¼ cup of dough. I use a triggered ice cream scoop, (mine holds just about ¼ cup) to fill the muffin pan. Let the dough rise and the rice flour absorb liquids for 10 minutes or so. Bake for 25 – 30 minutes or until browned. Let cool and serve, or put them in freezer bags and store in the freezer for a quick morning snack. When you remove frozen biscuits, to heat. Put in the microwave for about 20-25 seconds, heating time will take longer if you thaw more than one. This will make 12 biscuits.

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