fishing1Gone Fishing!

Even though it is getting colder here and all of the leaves are gone from the trees, the fish are still biting. With all of the lakes and streams we have around us, we just can’t resist taking off once in a while to go fishing. We love fish and sea food. It just doesn’t get any better than fresh wild fish!

FishingA nice Crappie

more fishWe caught more than this, but these were the better ones!

I will post our favorite pan fish recipe soon.

3 thoughts on “Fishing

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  2. Glad you are enjoying some time on the lake and catching some nice crappie. Believe it or not, I certainly can…Kevin bought ANOTHER fishing boat. That man can’t be happy with any boat though it seems. You would think he would get a “forever boat”, but no he says we need a bigger and wider boat. I must be getting larger and wider. Lol

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