Banana Cream Breakfast Muffins

Banana cream muffins2

Banana Cream Breakfast Muffins


1/4 Cup Buttermilk

5 Eggs

1/2 Stick softened Butter (or ¼ cup GF oil)

3 Large Ripe Bananas

1/4 Cup ground Chia Seeds

1/2 Cup chopped Pecans (optional)

1  Cup Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour ( I used Better Batter)

1 Cup Gluten Free finely ground Almond Flour

1 Tablespoon GF Baking powder

1/2Teaspoon Baking Soda

1 Cup Brown Sugar or Pyure Stevia Sweetener ( I used the sweetener)


1 Ripe Banana

8 oz. plane Cream Cheese

2 Tablespoons White granulated Sugar

 Preheat oven to 325*F.

In large mixing bowl mix together, buttermilk, eggs, butter, bananas and ground chia seeds. Using electric mixer on high, blend together until there are no lumps left from the bananas. Then add the flours, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and nuts (if you use them). Fold in flour mixture, then blend well with electric mixer until all ingredients are smooth. Don’t over mix. Let batter set while you make the filling.

In medium size bowl mash peeled banana and cream cheese together with fork or pastry creamer. Add sugar and stir until smooth. Fill a piping bag with cream cheese mixture. You don’t have to use a decorator tip, but if you do use a large one. Close the end and set aside, until you get the muffin cups filled.

Line a muffin pan with liners and fill each with batter (about ¼ cup each )  I like to use a triggered ice cream scoop to do this. Then insert the tip of the piping bag into the center of each muffin and squeeze filling into the batter. ( I insert the tip about ½ way down into the batter)  Pulling back and lifting the bag as the filling comes out of the top. I like to swirl it around a bit on top of batter also. Do the same to each muffin until they are all filled.   Bake for 25-30 minutes or until muffins are brown on top and firm to the touch. When done remove from oven and let cool. This will make about 12-15 cupcake size muffins.   Enjoy!

Note: You may have air holes form in the center of muffins as they cool. If that happens, just make more banana cream and fill each with the creamy filing!


Oatmeal Molasses Spice Breakfast Muffins

oatmeal molasses breakfast muffins

Oatmeal Molasses Spice Breakfast Muffins

1 Cup Gluten Free Quick Cooking Oatmeal

3/4 Cup GF Almond Flour

3/4 Cup Gluten Free All-purpose Flour ( I use Better Batter)

1/2 Teaspoon Xanthan Gum

1  1/2 Cups Packed Brown Sugar

2 Teaspoons Ground Cinnamon

1/4 Teaspoon Ground Cloves

1/2 Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

1 Tablespoon  Baking Powder

1/2 Cup Softened Butter ( or butter substitute )

1 Cup Water

3 Eggs Beaten

1/8 Cup Pure Molasses ( Unsulfured)

1 Cup Chopped Pecans

Preheat oven to 350*

In large mixing bowl whisk all dry ingredients together. Add softened butter, water, beaten eggs, and Molasses. Fold together with spatula then mix with electric mixer just until blended. Fold in pecans and let batter set while you prepare muffin tins with paper inserts.

Then fill each cup with approximately ¼ cup triggered scoop of batter. ( this should make 18 regular size muffins)

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until done. Insert tooth pick into center muffin. If it comes back clean, they are done. Remove from oven and add topping.

Topping :

1/4 Butter, Melted

1 Cup GF, additive free shredded Coconut

1 Cup Chopped Pecans

2 Tablespoons Molasses

2 Tablespoons Agave Nectar

Mix all ingredients in medium size bowl. Top each warm muffin with 1 Tablespoon of mixture then place muffins under broiler for 1-2 minutes to toast pecan topping. Remove and let cool before serving.


Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Gluten Free Pumpkin CupcakesPumpkin Spice Muffins

¼ Cup Butter ( ½ stick) or oil

¼ Cup water

¼ Cup Milk

1 – 15 oz. Can 100% Pumpkin with no additives ( I use Libby’s)

2 Cups Tom Sawyer GF Flour/ Betty Crocker GF Rice flour Mix ( ½ & ½ )

Heat butter, water, and milk ( microwave 1 minute 5 – 10 seconds) just before boiling. Add Pumpkin, hot water, milk and butter to food processor mix and add flour. Mix just so there are no lumps. Let set for 20 – 30 minutes or refrigerate overnight.

2 Large Eggs

1 ½ Cups Sugar

1 Teaspoon Additive Free Nutmeg ( I like Morton Bassett)

1 Teaspoon Additive Free Cinnamon

½ Teaspoon Additive Free Ground Cloves

2 Teaspoons GF Baking Powder

1 Teaspoon Salt

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

Preheat oven to 325*

In small bowl whisk sugar and all spices, making sure there are no lumps. Add eggs to GF flour and pumpkin mixture in food processor, blend then add sugar and spices. Mix well until all ingredients are blended. Do Not over mix. Using a triggered ice cream scoop (about ¼ cup) fill cups with one scoop of batter. Bake for 25- 30 minutes or until wooden toothpick inserted into center cupcake, comes back clean. This will make 18 cupcakes. Ice with Sugar and Spice Cream cheese icing.

Sugar and Spice Cream Cheese Icing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 4 oz. Plain Preservative Free Cream Cheese ( ½ – 8 oz. package Philadelphia)

1 Stick softened Butter

1 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla

2 – 2 ½ Cups Pure GF Powdered Sugar

½ Teaspoon Additive Free Cinnamon

¼ Teaspoon Additive Free Nutmeg

¼ Teaspoon Additive Ground Cloves

In food processor blend all ingredients until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to use.